Lizzie Headshots

Lizzie is a therapist who counsels women, couples and has a specialty also in equine therapy. Our goal for her headshot session was to show both sides to her professional practice. She was a true natural in front of my lens. We had a great time and I sincerely feel that meeting her was a … Continue reading

melissa (1 of 1)

~ The True You ~

When I chose to take my love of photography to a more professional level, I recall feeling so overwhelmed about the competition.  There are so many incredible photographers in this world, and many incredible talents right in my own town.  I took a photography course and was even blown away by the images captured by … Continue reading



Another successful home location shoot.  I love going into people’s homes, especially to capture their kiddos.  Kids are more comfortable in their personal surroundings.  I was thrilled to capture this sibling group!  They were beautiful inside and out!  I probably don’t say it enough, but helping families capture memories is a true joy for me. … Continue reading


Wedding Season

It’s that time of year…. I loved this wedding for several reasons both personally and professionally.  I did an engagement session with this couple, photographed their rehearsal dinner party, the wedding and the reception.  Love love love ….


Engagement Sessions

What fun I had in these sessions!  Two couples who absolutely adore one another and look forward to marriage. Please click on the image above or on the title “Engagement Sessions” to see the combined slideshow!

NoN jpeg slideshow-071

Nostalgia In the Evening

I grew up around photography.  My Dad was (is) a musician and a photographer.  One of the rooms in the little house I grew up in, in Nashville, was a dedicated music room and photography studio.  This in and of itself doesn’t qualify me as a photographer (or a musician for that matter)… but it … Continue reading


Some Zim Shots

I took these photos on my recent mission trip to Zim (z.i.m.b.a.b.w.e.) with Beautiful Feet Global Outreach.  Hope you enjoy.


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